Swedish medical doctors at Swedish Health Centre Kvartersakuten Matteus in Stockholm refuse to reply to patient’s request for provision of numeric laboratory results of blood tests. Swedish medical doctors absolutely refused to provide the medical data from laboratory tests. The Swedish politicians who constructed the Swedish Healthcare System refuse to change their system.











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Swedishness-doctors in Stockholm refuse to provide blood test results to patient.


To:  Stockholm County Council – Healthcare




My name is Torsten. I have a permanent address in Sweden, and I have a valid Swedish passport.


The beneath inquiry is a mere continuation from these three previous inquiries/complaints regarding the Swedish health care system:






Torsten Nenzen contacted Swedish Health Centre Kvartersakuten Matteus in Stockholm, requesting provision of laboratory numeric results of a recent blood test taken in October 2015, within the secure online forum minavardkontakter.se



Swedish Health Centre Kvartersakuten Matteus administrator responded to Torsten Nenzen’s request, informing that a Swedish doctors would reply within 3 working days



None of the Swedish doctors at the Swedish Health Centre Kvartersakuten Matteus had replied to Torsten Nenzen after 8 days


I still endeavour to attain data from laboratory results from the blood tests taken in October 2015; including glucose and B12.


The previous laboratory data results from the blood tests taken one year earlier in 2014 (high glucose and low B12) have also still not been provided by the Swedish doctors at Kvartersakuten Matteus. The doctor Olga Anikina Redmo of Kvartersakuten Mattues had, also then, absolutely refused to provide to Torsten Nenzen the laboratory data results, and Swedish IVO subsequently decided judicially that the Swedish doctor’s refusal to provide the data was lawful.


Is this Swedishness behaviour by the Swedish medical doctors in Sweden medically and ethically satisfactory?


Is there any possibility within Sweden to attain the laboratory data results from the blood tests taken in October 2015 in Stockholm?


Best regards,


Torsten Nenzén






Evidence: http://www.nenzen.net/Swedish-doctors-neglect-patient-and-refuse-communication-2015-10-28.pdf